Bryan Perez: How to gain Confidence in Trading to Compound Results

Confidence on the outside begins with living by integrity on the inside. ~Brian Tracy

This quote from Brian Tracy also sums up the character of Bryan Perez.

Having lost everything in the 2008 crash, entrepreneur and realtor Bryan Perez, realized the importance of diversifying income. He discovered trading as a vehicle that would not only bring him financial freedom, but also allow him to actualize some BIG DREAMS that he had set for himself and his family. His tenacity and resolution is inherent in his character, and today he brings to us direction on how to gain Confidence in Trading.

He shares with us how courage, consistency and submerging oneself in their trading community will bring confidence and advancement on the trading journey. A 2x retreat attendee, Bryan values the supportive relationships and community he has acquired and talks about how attending the retreats have helped him stay committed and up to date.

He inspires us to connect to our dreams when we encounter obstacles, and to know that consistency is truly what brings the compound effect. Listen in today as Bryan shares his personal journey, and dreams for his family. You’ll leave inspired and energized as you continue on your way.

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