The Secret to a Successful Trader’s Mindset

Personal Development Coaches and Speakers Morris Chirka and Adriana Van Der Merwe come to us today to share stories that will help us see how certain limiting beliefs may be limiting and holding us back in life and on the charts. They’ll highlight how our traumas can shape our behaviors, and how we can replace some of our negative thinking with thoughts that serve our highest good and intentions. Listen in today as they share their personal journey and their informative tale, filled with humor, joy and unique insights. As Adriana states so eloquently in her summary, “The Secret to Setting a Positive Mindset is in Your Thoughts.” She suggests that can do one of two things. 1) Repeat our patterns and stay stuck in our behaviors, or 2) Evolve and shift our thoughts. Which will you choose? For more information on our upcoming Pip Catcher's - Mindset & Trading Retreat February 19th-24th in Bend, Oregon’s High Desert visit: We invite you to subscribe and share this content with at least one person who also would like to compound their wealth, become financially free, and live a life they love by design. Personal Development Coaches and Public Speakers: Morris Chirka and Adriana Van Der Merwe Morris Chirka 780-405-0514 [email protected] Facebook: Adriana Van Der Merwe [email protected] Facebook: Instagram: Trading and Janie Information - Teresa Guthrie FB: Teresa Guthrie Email: [email protected] YouTube: Catch You on the PIP Side Holistic Coaching Sessions: Holistic Health Coach - Jenni Trumpa Rose [email protected] Podcast Production, Editing, & Sound by Toño Gonzalez - Music Journeys [email protected] Podcast Music by three8productions Josh Villanueva - Music Producer