Jake Snedker: Quantum Leaps, Visualizing Success, and Personal Development as a Day Trader

Welcome to Mindset in Trading! With co-hosts Jenni Trumpa and Toño Gonzalez. This podcast brings you guests who help you Master your Mindset, inspire you to Create Financial Freedom and teach you how to Compound your Money as a day trader. Quantum Leaps and Visualizing Success with Jake Snedker. Learn how Jake shifted his paradigm, left his well-paid career as an engineer, and now travels the world as a day trader. Today’s episode brings guest speaker Jake Snedker, who, in his 20s found himself unhappy with his career, and decided to leave his well-paid engineer contract to travel the world. He found trading as a vehicle to support his lifestyle, and encountered the unexpected "personal development program" it brought. The more he went in to discover himself, the more his trading improved. He also shares the visions he holds for his future, in creating carbon-negative, sustainable tiny homes, and how trading will help see this to fruition. He is a new father to a newborn and is grateful for the ability to raise his family while making a living from home. We invite you to subscribe and share this content with at least one person who also would like to compound their wealth, become financially free, and live a life they love by design.

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