From Overwhelmed to Empowered: Mother shares how she left her job to become a professional trader.

Welcome to Mindset in Trading! With co-hosts Jenni Trumpa and Toño Gonzalez. This podcast brings you guests who help you Master your Mindset, inspire you to Create Financial Freedom, and teach you how to Compound your Money as a day trader. From Overwhelmed to Overjoyed: How Leah left her full-time job managing three business to become a full time trader. Today’s episode brings guest speaker Leah Stark, a mom who found herself stuck in a life with too many bills, too few hours, and little energy or finances left to contribute toward a life by design. She knew nothing would change for her unless she changed something. She decided to leave her job as an operations manager running three businesses, to become a full-time student with the IM Academy for FRX day traders. She shares some of the mindset strategies she has adopted, barriers that she has pushed through, and how the mindset in trading retreat has helped her see massive success in her trading journey. She knows that investing in one-on-one education, fostering community, and developing these trading skills are ultimately what will set her and her family free. She is a passionate woman with a generous heart. Today, she spends her time giving back to programs that support vulnerable youth and seniors with her trading income. We’re excited to have her here today to talk to us about her journey, and the mindset she needed to achieve her trading goals. We invite you to subscribe and share this content with at least one person who also would like to compound their wealth, become financially free, and live a life they love by design.

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