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Mindset in Trading Retreat in Sedona, AZ

For over a year, Mindset in Trading retreats have been nourishing our trading community; helping pave the path to move you from amateur to professional Day Trader. Physical and mental well-being are of utmost importance to living a healthy, joyful, and prosperous life. Mastery requires practice, and dedication. Our retreats provide the setting and guidance you need in a beautiful and serene atmosphere, to sharpen your skills, strengthen your mind and body, dissolve limiting beliefs, and purify your heart. Enjoy 4 days and 3 nights at Sky Rock Inn in Sedona, Arizona - a city of mystique and intrigue. Sedona has become a well-known haven for healing and wellness, due to the numerous energy vortexes that many believe encompass the region. Receive face to face trading training while viewing Sedona's majestic red rocks. Connect with Mother Nature's red-rock formations, rejuvenate, nourish and transform your soul, body and mind. Join us in Sedona; the perfect place for personal enrichment, inner-discovery, healing, and connection for your vitality journey.

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Tune in each week to hear how others are leaning into their mindset and expanding their belief to build a life of total fulfillment. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, and you’ll finish each episode motivated to master the mindset in trading.


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“Do it for the people.”  

As a 7 figure trader, I am often asked why I spend time teaching people how to trade. The answer lies in my passion for living life to the fullest and empowering others to step into who they really are and free themselves.

My courses will help you build the mindset, and fundamental, and technical trading skills to uncover the most authentic version of yourself.

"Words can’t fully express the gratitude I have for Teresa as my coach, teacher, and mentor. Prior to getting connected with Teresa, I had spent the previous two years learning the fundamental and technical aspects of trading from another learning platform. While I had learned to read the charts and patterns fairly well, I wasn’t getting the results I was expecting. I was an emotional trader and I was getting frustrated with my inability to master the psychological aspects that are incredibly important for successful trading. Since connecting with Teresa, she has not only reinforced and strengthened my technical toolbox with her strategy but she has been instrumental in helping me develop my trading mindset. I see the charts differently. I now enter, manage and exit trades with far more patience and less emotion. I now take less but better trades where my winners outweigh my losers and my risk is better managed. And I finally have a personalized trading plan that provides a disciplined approach that I am fully committed to following. I have Teresa’s teachings and influence to thank for these changes! If you are looking to learn to trade or further develop your skills, I strongly recommend checking Teresa out! Not only has she done what you want to do but she is an AMAZING teacher. She meets people wherever they are in their learning journey, has the patience of an angel, is a great communicator making the complex simple to understand, and genuinely cares about your success! She is a life changer and I am forever grateful."

Rob Regner


"I’ve traded many styles, strategies, and software with various educators and Teresa is unique for several reasons. I find her way of presenting information to be logical and complete. She focuses on the details that matter to me and is excellent at explaining why they are important. Most of all to me, she is able to explain the timing of an opportunity coming together as the details develop with her Boss Candle strategy."

Denis Ouellette


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